Vaccinate Your Baby

Past Associations of Vaccines with Various Afflictions

Since the first vaccine for smallpox was introduced there have been those individuals who have been sure that vaccines were the cause of many afflictions. No medical intervention is 100 percent effective or safe. People can die from routine surgeries, routine illnesses, routine allergic reactions, routine medications, and anything else that we take for granted as "routine." Vaccines, like any other medical intervention, are not without risks. Just because vaccines are routinely given to all children around the world does not necessarily keep you from wondering whether they are safe for your own precious baby. But decades of vaccine use around the globe continues to prove that vaccines are among the safest preventative medical measures that mankind has ever developed.

In the 1800's, when Edward Jenner first introduced his cow pox vaccine naysayers were quick to suggest that those who received the vaccine would grow tails, hooves and begin mooing like a cow. There is even a famous political cartoon illustrating these silly accusations. Vaccines have been blamed for asthma, diabetes, autism, inflammatory bowel disease, Gulf War syndrome and many other afflictions. They have even born the brunt of political smear campaigns. Such was the case in 2007, when the oral polio vaccine was accused by religious leaders in Nigeria, Africa's most populous country, of being a Western plot to sterilize Muslims. The resulting drop in immunization rates resulted in outbreaks of polio that have left at least 69 Nigerian children paralyzed and has severely hindered the world from eradicating this terrible disease.